Our Performance

HEART Academies Trust has high expectations of all members of its schools; children, young people and professionals alike are challenged and supported to achieve their very best.

Our commitment to positive collaboration enables each academy within the Trust to celebrate what they already do well whilst providing opportunities to ensure continued development, raise standards and drive improvement across all academies.

For details of our schools’ current academic performance please see the following links:

Bedford Academy
Cauldwell Primary
Shackleton Primary
Shortsown Primary

We value the dreams and aspirations of everyone in our community


Bedford Academy

Mile Road
MK42 9TR

T: 01234 301500
E: info@bedfordacademy.co.uk
W: bedfordacademy.co.uk

Cauldwell Primary

Edward Road
MK42 9DR

T: 01234 301400
E: schooloffice@cauldwell.org.uk
W: cauldwellschool.com

Shackleton Primary

Pearcey Road
MK42 9LZ

T: 01234 352912
E: enquiries@shackletonprimary.co.uk
W: shackletonprimary.co.uk

Shortstown Primary

Beauvais Square
Shortstown, Bedford
MK42 0GS

T: 01234 740881
E: office@shortstownprimary.co.uk
W: shortstownprimary.co.uk