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harper-trustThe Harpur Trust is a proud sponsor of HEART Academies Trust.

The Harpur Trust has got one goal – to help and support the people who live in and around Bedford.

Even though they are one of the largest Charities in the UK, everything they do is for the Bedford area.

The Harpur Trust stems from a gift of property in Bedford and London made by Sir William Harpur and his wife, Dame Alice, in 1566 to the town of Bedford. Sir William executed a deed of gift creating an endowment to sustain a school he had already established in Bedford. The endowment made provision for the marriage of poor maids of the town, for deprived children to be nourished and informed and for any residue to be distributed to the poor of the town. They were founded by an Act of Parliament in 1764 and are administered under a Scheme sealed by the Charity Commission on 1 September 2000. Using the legacy of Sir William Harpur, their aims are clear and simple; they are here to inspire and support people in the Borough of Bedford to improve their lives by:

  • providing and promoting education
  • offering help and relief to anyone who is sick, in need, hardship or distress
  • providing recreational facilities with a social welfare purpose

Over 1,100 people in Bedford work for The Harpur Trust, either directly or in one of their schools.

The Harpur Trust Grants

The Harpur Trust awarded over £10million in grants within the Borough of Bedford since 2003. Supporting the community by giving grants to local projects is core to what they do. Last year they awarded £887,228 in grants to projects based in and around Bedford. This money helped local organisations and individuals to make a difference to their own lives or those of others in the local area.

The Harpur Trust Schools

The Harpur Trust own, manage and support the four, independent Harpur Trust Schools:

  • Bedford Girls’ School* – a day school for girls aged 7-18
  • Bedford Modern School – a day school for boys and girls aged 7-18
  • Bedford School – a boarding and day school for boys aged 7-18
  • Pilgrims Preparatory School – a nursery and prep school for boys and girls aged 3 months to 7 years

* Bedford Girls' School has been formed by the merger of Bedford High School for Girls and Dame Alice Harpur School.

The Harpur Trust Almshouses

The Harpur Trust has been providing Almshouses in Bedford for over 200 years. Their first ones, in Dame Alice Street, Bedford, were completed in 1802. Today they have 24 one bedroom flats at Harpur House, Bedford and 14 bungalows and cottages in Randalls Close, Bromham.  Residents enjoy an independent lifestyle with the benefit of knowing help is close to hand whenever they need it.

For more information visit www.harpurtrust.org.uk or call 01234 369500.

We value the dreams and aspirations of everyone in our community


Bedford Academy

Mile Road
MK42 9TR

T: 01234 301500
E: info@bedfordacademy.co.uk
W: bedfordacademy.co.uk

Cauldwell Primary

Edward Road
MK42 9DR

T: 01234 301400
E: schooloffice@cauldwell.org.uk
W: cauldwellschool.com

Shackleton Primary

Pearcey Road
MK42 9LZ

T: 01234 352912
E: enquiries@shackletonprimary.co.uk
W: shackletonprimary.co.uk

Shortstown Primary

Beauvais Square
Shortstown, Bedford
MK42 0GS

T: 01234 740881
E: office@shortstownprimary.co.uk
W: shortstownprimary.co.uk