Who We Are

OUR MOTTO:                                  

We value the dreams and aspirations of everyone in our community.


HEART Academies Trust:

High Expectations Achievement Respect Trust


To create a family of academies who are at the heart of their community improving life chances for all, through challenge and support.



The passion to get better and better at something that matters.


The will to do what we do in the service of something bigger than ourselves.


The commitment to improve life chances.


  • Know Every Child: Overwhelming belief that every child can be successful both personally and academically with early and effective help from staff that know and value them as an individual.
  • Character: Developing the whole child to enable them to become successful adults by promoting key characteristics.
  • High Expectations: High expectations of all members of our schools; children, young people, professionals alike are challenged to achieve their very best.
  • Inspirational learning: Outstanding teaching making learning a memorable and enjoyable experience in a respectful, vibrant and supportive learning environment that delivers aspirational outcomes for all. 
  • Highest Professional Standards :
    • Exceptional quality first teaching
    • Highly effective intervention and support
    • Innovative and collaborative professional development
    • Highly effective data systems and tracking
    • Expert use of new technologies and at forefront of technological development
  • Exciting Curriculum:
    • Literacy and numeracy focus
    • Specialist hub provision  across a broad, balanced curriculum
    • Shared specialist support in EAL; SEND; behaviour; well-being
    • Careers and Aspirations programmes
  • Value Progress: continual desire to achieve and improve
  • Strong Partnership with Parents and Carers: Personalised and supportive pastoral care systems throughout
  • Inspirational Leadership: A ‘Stronger Together’ approach to share and maximise leadership capacity
  • Dynamic Approach to staff development: identifying potential and providing opportunities that allow staff to thrive and excel.


Heart Academies Trust will:

  • Maintain a continuous and rigorous focus on raising standards, particularly in English and Mathematics.
  • Aim to ensure all children and young people receive high quality teaching every lesson, every day.
  • Remain non-selective and will value the abilities and achievements of all its students. Staff will be committed to providing the best possible environment for learning for every child.
  • Remain committed to providing the best possible education for the community of each school.
  • Collaborate through understanding the differences and recognizing the similarities between schools, engaging in honest and professional dialogue.
We value the dreams and aspirations of everyone in our community


Bedford Academy

Mile Road
MK42 9TR

T: 01234 301500
E: info@bedfordacademy.co.uk
W: bedfordacademy.co.uk

Cauldwell Primary

Edward Road
MK42 9DR

T: 01234 301400
E: schooloffice@cauldwell.org.uk
W: cauldwellschool.com

Shackleton Primary

Pearcey Road
MK42 9LZ

T: 01234 352912
E: enquiries@shackletonprimary.co.uk
W: shackletonprimary.co.uk

Shortstown Primary

Beauvais Square
Shortstown, Bedford
MK42 0GS

T: 01234 740881
E: office@shortstownprimary.co.uk
W: shortstownprimary.co.uk